SPEC Promo 2017

The best place to be July 22-29! Be a part of something SPECTACULAR!!

Posted by SPECTACULAR on Saturday, February 25, 2017

SPECTACULAR is a week of sports, arts, music and activities on the campus of Graceland University (GU) in Lamoni, Iowa.  SPEC is sponsored by the Community of Christ, and is offered for youth who have just completed their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year of high school.  Our delegation, Midwest Crossroads, includes Community of Christ’s four mission centers – Brush Creek, Chicago, Gateway and Kentucky/Indiana.  For further information, please view the website: spec-cofchrist.org

The sports at SPEC are available at four different levels - all the way from, “I’m really good and I want college scouts to see me” to “I’ve never played soccer before, but I’d really like to try it”.  There is something for everyone.  So when you sign up for the sports on your delegation registration form, please be sure to mark your ability level so we can get you on the appropriate team.  You can change your choices when we meet on Friday night, so don’t worry if you change your mind after you submit your form.

We will move onto the GU campus and get settled into the dorms. There will be staff members with our delegation living in the dorms with you. You will choose your roommates in the dorms. Some of the rooms have two, three or four occupants and more if numbers dictate.

Rob and Suzette Ryder are the leaders of the Midwest Crossroads delegation. Midwest Crossroads has a longstanding, great reputation at SPEC. Because of this, they will be very strict about behavior and following rules. Our delegation is fortunate because our mission centers are so supportive of each of you experiencing SPEC. So let’s represent those mission centers with dignity, integrity, character and especially good sportsmanship. We know that each of you will help us to uphold the high standards set by those who’ve attended before us and continue the tradition of Midwest Crossroads on into the future. Please prepare for SPEC prayerfully. You’ll be amazed at the effect that will have on every aspect of your SPEC experience.

Please take ample time to fill out the registration forms completely and include a copy of your insurance card. Make sure you have included ALL the information - shirt sizes, sign up for sports and arts, etc. You are encouraged to ask friends to join you at SPEC - feel free to copy the form if you need to or e-mail them.

Please join us “Midwest Crossroads” on Facebook to keep informed!