Temple School Classes 

Temple School Classes are offered throughou the Mission Center for all priesthood and disciplels.  If you would like to schedule a Temple School class in your congregation contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

E-Learning Opportunities Now Available!

Community of Christ has agreed to support elearning for their Ministry and Priesthood Temple School training as another means for their members to gain Temple School credit for ordination. Developmetrics, LLC has a relationship with International Headquarters to provide the entire content of the Ministry and Priesthood classes in this online format. A book is not needed for the online classes; everything is self-contained in this elearning format. Most classes last 8 weeks and cover about 1-1.5 hours of reading/writing per week. Once you complete the class, Developmetrics will email you a Temple School certificate and enter your class completion information into the Shelby Membership records within a week!

Developmetrics 2018 Online Class Schedule

January 13 – February 23 (Registration Now Open)
Ministry of the Deacon (MP 302)
Ministry of the Teacher (MP 303)

April 7 – June 2
Introduction to Ministry (MP 300)
Youth and Children Worker Certification (Pilot information soon)

June 16 – August 11
Ministry of the Priest ( 304)
Ministry of the Elder (MP 305)

Sept. 8 – Nov. 10 (extra week for Thanksgiving)
Ministry of the Disciple (MP 301)
Introduction to Scripture (SS 400)

Others being planned
Latter Day Seeker Ministry Training (for Community of Christ members)
Pastor Training

Looking for Temple School Information and Resources?   Visit the World Church website.