2018 Dates and Rates

Friday, June 8  - Thursday, June 14

Adults TBA
Teen (ages 13-17) TBA
Child (ages 5-12) TBA
Young Child (ages 0-4) TBA
Per Person Daily Rate Option TBA


If you are unable to pay the entire registration fee at this time, please pay the minimum deposit:

Family TBA
Single Person TBA


Registration Deadline: May 8th 

The Reunion experience is offered to all who desire to attend in order that we as a community may experience the spiritual relationships and growth offered in this setting. For this reason registration fees are kept minimal and do not cover the entire cost of a family or individual for Reunion. The total cost of Reunion is approximately $15-20k. The actual cost averages to $150 - $200 per person regardless of age. We realize that there are those to whom even the registration fee is a burden. There will be a time of offering during the event to help offset the remainder of expenses. Questions? Please email Amy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.