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Collin and Christa Barbour

Collin and Christa both are from families very involved in the Community of Christ camping prorgram and grounds maintenance. Christa grew up in Minnesota but has some family from the St. Louis area. Collin grew up in Tennesse. The couple met in college at Graceland University and were married at Camp Farwesta, another Community of Christ campground in Missouri. Christa and Collin love being outdoors. In fact, most of the items on their wedding registry were for camping! Before Collin was hired as the caretaker for Camp Woodland Hills, the couple lived in Cameron, Missouri. During that time, Christa taught music at K-12 school in Jamesport, Missouri. Christa will finish her second year of teaching before moving permanently to Camp Woodland Hills this summer. For now, Collin, Christa, and their two loving dogs, Jackson and Molly, reunite on weekends. They all love living and working on the sacred grounds of Camp Woodland Hills.